Spatial Interaction in Music and Audio

Music, ever since its origins, has arguably always been spatially interactive. From call and response practices to marching bands, interacting through space is part of many musical practices. The advent of multichannel recording technology provided new possibilities for spatial distribution. Consequently the spatial and temporal relation between the origin of a sound and the listener fundamentally changed. Linked with the digital revolution this relation was further abstracted and new ways of dealing with this relationship became necessary and possible. I hope that my small contribution as a researcher composer and decveloper to the body of work on interactive technology is in this spirit of such explorative discovery.

If you are in anyway active in the field of spatial interaction, it would help my research if you could fill out this survey. It takes about 20 minutes, much appreciated if you can spare the time!! The link to articles redirects you to my page on, where you'll find some erm, articles.

I'm currently holding a workshop on Music, Space & Interaction, where we use free improvisation to establish user requirements for technology-development. A blog from the workshop you'll find there too. Introduction to Principles of Spatial Audio Technology , is a course I'm curently holding at SibA, University of the Arts Helsinki.