This site is about creative music technology, or what I consider to be creative music technology. More on my doctoral project you'll find here and some examples of what I do musically here. This link here gets you to the page of the collaborative workshop on Music, Space and Interaction I currently hold at SAMA University of the Arts Helsinki.

I'm particularly interested in the aspects of spatiality, interactivity and interactive spatiality in music and audio. My doctoral project at University of Arts Helsinki, Sibelius Academy's Centre for Music & Technology concerns itself with the development of an ubiquitous psotinioning system for interactive audio applications. Instead of camera tracking, the predominant technical solution for such applications I propose the use of acoustic localisation techniques, measuring the time delays between several speakers and one microphone to estimate the microphones position in relation to those speakers. This works, and as a principle is nothing new. What's new though, that I develop this system in cooperation with musicians, dancers, multimedia artists, scenographers and developers to create a tool from within the community for the community who's going to use it.

As most audio applications usually imply the presence of some audio equipment, aka speakers and possibly microphones, the proposed solution is pervasive and ubiquitous: No additional technology needs to be introduced to the system to allow tracking.